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This is a very easy read and provides a good simple approach for exploring ideas and problems through thinking from different perspectives in a structured manner There are six hats, each of which have different characteristics White Hat facts, figures, information Red Hat emotions and feelings, hunch and intuition Black Hat devil s advocate, negative judgement Yellow Hat optimism, positivity Green Hat creativity Blue Hat controlling of the hats and thinking, orchestration The idea of the hat is that a person will put on or be asked to put on a hat and to express a view from that perspective This gets people thinking in different ways and since it is play acting people are willing to express views from under the security of the hat that otherwise may be left unsaid. Starting off wearing my white hat, this book has only 173 pages and did not take me long to read at all Switching to the red hat, I can t say I m very excited about the collaborative thinking methodology described.If I were forced into a yellow hat, I d say there may be some opportunity to use the hats as symbols in regular communication to indicate a certain thinking style is desired.However, my black hat thinking immediately suggests that mentioning any colour hat to the uninitiated will only lead to endless discussions about the book and the method, and not aid the conversation in any way, thereby voiding any reasons to use the hat in the first place.Donning my green hat, perhaps this method would be useful if taught in a workshop setting together with peers, so that the ideas can immediately be applied to real challenges.Hats po cheese some people will love this book, others will say it stinks.In closing, under the protection of the blue hat, I can conclude I think the methodology described in the book is mildly interesting, but hardly as earth shattering as it is made out to be. MindsetsThis is a strange book to review and the reason I say that is because, in theory, it sounds like a great process and methodology, but in reality, it is difficult to manage and can be a disaster The core reason to employ the Six Thinking Hats is to comprehensively explore a problem or develop a solution by considering six defined perspectives and giving each appropriate and focused attention to generating decisions actions outputs The theory and application are such that we put on different coloured hats where each colour relates to a specific characteristic of thinking This will enable us to approach any problem comprehensively from multiple perspectives The six thinking hats are White Hat Neutral and Objective facts and figuresRed Hat Emotional, often angerBlack Hat Sombre and Serious Point out weakness, negativeYellow Hat Sunny and Positive Optimistic and hopefulGreen Hat CreativityBlue Hat Control and organisation of all the hatsIn meetings, it is often used to agree on a way forward while bringing everyone along on a shared vision The problem is that the Six Thinking Hats, in my experience, has created polarisation, endless debate, and been unable to perform as a shared methodology I have been in meetings where a trained Six Thinking Hats consultant has been destroyed and the meeting has ended a shambles Not only because of the actual framework but because of those that buy into it and those that cannot It seemed that not only was the problem brought under scrutiny but also the methodology.Even if we argue that it requires focus, strong management and open mindedness, the fact that it takes so much effort to get right, is in itself cause for major concern I would be inclined to suggest learning this as a leader manager knowing that they must consider multiple points of view and encourage different perspectives from their team I agree with and find value in the methodology but its application is not suited to all scenarios The notion of role playing with different hats may work in some environments, but none that I ve been in. 6 180.. 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