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To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with CSS until I read this book Got me quickly up to speed on the basics and then learned all the advanced techniques Important areas that always confused me such as floating and positioning are completely clear now And now I understand how to work with different browsers as well Great book A lot of experience, but some are out of date. @Download Book Ï CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions ò This Book Is Your Indispensable Guide To Cutting Edge CSS Developmentall You Need To Work Your Way Up To CSS Professional You Ll Learn How To Plan, Organize, And Maintain Your Stylesheets Effectively Apply The Secrets Of Liquid, Elastic, And Hybrid Layouts Create Flickr Style Image Maps, Remote Rollovers, And Other Advanced CSS Features Lay Out Forms Using Pure CSS Recognize Common Browser Bugs, And How To Fix ThemWhile CSS Is A Relatively Simple Technology To Learn, It Is A Difficult One To Master When You First Start Developing Sites Using CSS, You Will Come Across All Kinds Of Infuriating Browser Bugs And Inconsistencies It Sometimes Feels Like There Are A Million And One Different Techniques To Master, Spread Across A Bewildering Array Of Websites The Range Of Possibilities Seems Endless And Makes For A Steep And Daunting Learning Curve By Bringing All Of The Latest Tips, Tricks, And Techniques Together In One Handy Reference, This Book Demystifies The Secrets Of CSS And Makes The Journey To CSS Mastery As Simple And Painless As Possible While Most Books Concentrate On Basic Skills, This One Is Different, Assuming That You Already Know The Basics And Why You Should Be Using CSS In Your Work, And Concentrating Mainly On Advanced Techniques It Begins With A Brief Recap Of CSS Fundamentals Such As The Importance Of Meaningful Markup, How To Structure And Maintain Your Code, And How The CSS Layout Model Really Works With The Basics Out Of The Way, Each Subsequent Chapter Details A Particular Aspect Of CSS Based Design Through A Series Of Easy To Follow Tutorials, You Will Learn Practical CSS Techniques You Can Immediately Start Using In Your Daily Work Browser Inconsistencies Are The Thorn In Most CSS Developers Sides, So We Have Dedicated Two Whole Chapters To CSS Hacks, Filters, And Bug Fixing, As Well As Looking At Image Replacement Professional Link, Form, And List Styling Pure CSS Layouts And Much All Of These Techniques Are Then Put Into Practice In Two Beautifully Designed Case Studies, Written By Two Of The World S Best CSS Designers, Simon Collison And Cameron Moll Summary Of Contents Chapter Setting The Foundations Chapter Visual Formatting Model Recap Chapter Background Images And Image Replacement Chapter Styling Links Chapter Styling Lists And Creating Nav Bars Chapter Styling Forms And Data Tables Chapter Layout Chapter Hacks And Filters Chapter Bugs And Bug Fixing Case Study More Than Doodles Case Study Tuscany Luxury Resorts One of the better beginners CSS books I ve come across If you are just starting CSS and feel like you re not making enough progress, definitely check this book out. This book has really fine tuned my arsenal and widely broadened my understanding of CSS The book has several nicely organized sections and comes with files that allow you quick references and opportunities to play with the code for a better understanding Case studies at the end of the book are a great companion for putting all the things they throw at you too My favorite part of this book was the CSS organization files that are ingenious To sum up the book in a few words, CSS galore Not a fast read and the coding can become somewhat difficult to understand if you re not willing to stop and think through it But come out of this book with half your sanity still intact and you ll be creating websites like the pros Well, I can t guarantee you that much, but at least it gives a better understanding of bugs and hacks so you wont have a headache when testing across multiple browsers That alone is worth much then thirty bucks.Requirements Before you pick this up, make sure you have a basic understanding of XHTML and CSS 2.0 or higher the book concentrates on 2.1 A little Javascript not a must wouldn t hurt for a few files they throw out to you at the end Didn t give this five stars because it s in black and white Come on, this is supposed to be a coding book for a visual art, no excuses for it not being in color. Although it sounds like a clich , CSS Mastery is an excellent book, from the first to the last page Most of book is written by Andy Budd, with Cameron Moll and Simon Collison contributing with final two chapters.As easy as it is to find lot of content on Internet that would educate user what can be done with CSS, there s something special to have a book to articulate concepts from beginning to end providing a consistent narrative of the thought and methodology behind some technique s implementation That is exactly what this book is providing.Covering everything from the basics of marking up documents properly by using clean, semantic and valid X HTML to the advanced CSS tips and tricks The foundations of CSS are explained as well along with ways to resolve browser bugs on which web designer can run into Authors will teach you how to style forms and data tables, how to use lists to able creating visually appealing content.PDF file with errata is available for download from the book s accompanying website where also sample chapter, the table of contents and all the code included in the book can be found.For the couple of times at least during the read I was happy to realize how something works or that s the way they done it so whether you re new or experienced to CSS for sure you will also find this book useful.Chapter 1 called Setting the Foundations addresses usage of meaningful markup, using classes Vs ids, different versions of HTML and CSS, DOCTYPE among other things.Chapter 2 called Getting Your Styles to Hit the Target discusses selectors, specificity, inheritance, style sheet planning and organizing, and style guides.Chapter 3 called Visual Formatting Model Overview discusses the box model, differences with IE, positioning relative absolute etc and floating.Chapter 4 called Using Backgrounds for Effect discusses using images for list bullets, various rounded corner techniques including border radius , multiple background images, opacity including RGBa , drop shadows and image replacement techniques.Chapter 5 called Styling Links discusses all sorts of interesting ways to play up links, including creating CSS only tooltips.Chapter 6 called Styling Lists and Creating Nav Bars discusses all the various proven methods of creating CSS styled navigation, but also includes excellent section about Flickr style image maps creation.Chapter 7 called Styling Forms and Data Tables discusses calendar styles and what markup can be used to make various layout methods for a simple form.Chapter 8 called Layout discusses how to create fixed, elastic and liquid layouts, explaining the bonuses of each one.Chapter 9 called Bugs and Bug Fixing discusses how to find and isolate bugs, reminding user to fix the problem, not the symptoms.The final two chapters, tenth and eleven are the case studies for sample sites Roma Italia by Cameron Moll and Climb the Mountains by Simon Collison Both authors walk through their approach for site building and the implementation of various techniques Both case studies serve as professional models for reader to be able to learn from and experiment with.The book s only minor drawbacks should be addressed to some outdated data because of book release date, color highlighting for code differentiation would be than welcome and some content overlapping can be seen because three authors were part of this writing project But all of these drawbacks are so minor comparing to all good things provided, although I wanted to mention them.As verdict, I will quote Andy Budd who with sentence There are an increasing number of CSS resources around, yet you only have to look at a CSS mailing list to see the same questions popping up time and again greatly summarized this book The material contained here user can find somewhere else for sure, but if you re in a search for a handy collection of advanced techniques, you ll get that and much from this book.Probably this is the best book on the market for this subject, huge recommendation. A perfect follow up to Friends of Ed s yellow CSS book which is basic but whose title escapes me.This is not a beginner s CSS book You should at least read the yellow book or Bullet Proof Web Design before tackling this one, which builds heavily off the core concepts you should have already learned.It covers everything from layouts, to browser hacks, even showing you how to add little icons at the end of external links Nifty, huh This book is absolutely necessary if you are in web design or development But make sure you ve got a good core foundation in CSS and structured markup before diving in. Overall, I thought it a very handy reference tool for a barely CSS literate person like myself My only complaints are that is seems to be getting a little out dated He mentions things such as CSS 3 and how it was supposed to come out later that year 2006 He also spends a lot of time talking about bugs associated with IE, especially 5.X which from my understanding is rarely used these days with the release of IE 7.0 which he can t mention Other than that, it was a good eye opener into my future possibilities with CSS. I loved this book If you ve done a bunch of CSS but have some problems that you d like to tackle once and for all EM layouts, for example then this book is a great reference It s definitely a go to book for common web problems regarding layout, box inheritance, etc. A fine book for everybody working with CSS, great examples Though I must add I learned that learning CSS is like learning to ride a bike, one can read about it but only learn by doing it.