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Riveting Heartbreaking Intense.This was a beautiful read I was hooked from the very beginning and quite literally could not put it down, and not to mention I sobbed multiple times I genuinely got irrationally upset at my family members when they would ask me to do something, because all I wanted to do was finish devouring this book The writing was simple but got the job done The plot was riveting and kept me on my toes I admit there were aspects that were predictable, but strangely that didn t take away from the story at all The sub plots in this were so intricate and complex I m honestly amazed at how there were practically no loose ends or plot holes by the end The talent is clear in Lucinda Berry, and I m very interested to read what she puts out next.The characters in this were incredible They were real and raw and you could physically feel their pain while reading I was rooting for everyone even though I trusted no one, and I was constantly throwing guesses and accusations around in my head My one main complaint with this book was that the names and families were very hard for me to keep track of and I often had to stop reading and trace back in time to remember who was who s kid and so on I feel like that confusion could have easily been cleared up if the chapter POV headers were a littleinformative.I absolutely adored how this novel dove into human psychology and how everything felt so real and genuine The themes of grief and domestic abuse and trauma were expertly dealt with, and although I found the discussion of sexuality lacking, I found little to complain about in the thematic department.I adored all of the character development that took place in this novel, and for a mystery thriller, there was a lot of depth to everyone, and it was refreshing how each character had their own unique voice None of them blended together for me at all.I would highly recommend this book, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy as soon as it comes out All in all, a solid 4.5 star read.Also, thank you NetGalley for this arc It was a real treat. The Best of Friends was brilliant It is a heavy book to me Lucinda Berry wrote a beautiful story about love and hate, loss and heartbreak and friendship.This book tells a story about 3 teenage boys Sawyer, Jacob and Caleb grown up and become best friends and their mothers who also grown up as childhood best friends The Best of Friends talked about many things and the focus ison to test the friendship between 3 mothers Kendra, Dani and Lindsey after the incident that happened to their children.As the story started with the tragedy happened which gun shots have been fired at a sleepover and left one of the boys dead, one of them is in coma and the other was in trauma and he s so traumatized to even speak up about what had actually happened that night Detective Locke tried to investigate and solved the case and piece by piece they learned new things about their children and husbands but they are hiding about it with their best friends What are they hiding Why would they hide They started questioning their marriages as well as their friendship All the characters felt real to me and it was like watching a good thriller film and it really was amazing I couldn t put the book down The surprises will shock you and you couldn t expect what s coming This book contains a strong message and it really was an amazing read for me Such a powerful book.Thank you NetGalley and ThomasMercer for sharing this ARC in exchange for an honest review This book will be available on August 18th, 2020. #Book È The Best of Friends ⛈ An Unthinkable Tragedy Forever Changes A Group Of Teens And Turns Family Against Family In This Edge Of Your Seat Thriller That Begs To Be Read In One Sitting Best Friends Lindsey, Kendra, And Dani Endure Every Parent S Nightmare When A Tragic Accident Befalls Their Teenage Boys, Leaving One Dead, Another In A Coma, And A Third Too Traumatized To SpeakReeling From The Worst Night Of Their Lives, The Three Mothers Plunge Into A Desperate Investigation Of The Bizarre Incident How Could Something So Horrible Happen In Their Wealthy Southern California Suburb They Soon Discover That The Accident Was Just The Beginning, And Troubling Discoveries Lead To Chilling Questions Do They Really Know Their Children Do They Even Know Each Other As Secrets Surface, A Fog Of Doubt And Suspicion Threatens To Poison Their Families, Their Friendships, And The Whole CommunityWith The Illusion Of Happiness And Safety Long Gone, These Women Must Now Confront The Hazards Of Heartbreak, The Consequences Of Jealousy, And The Dangers Of Living Double Lives Review to come, but here s a spoiler this book made me a Berry fan THE BEST OF FRIENDSBY LUCINDA BERRYLucinda Berry is a trauma specialist psychologist She is a leading researcher in childhood trauma She openly admits that she uses her clinical experience to create disturbing psychological thrillers, blurring the line between fiction and non fiction I am not going to lie and say that this was an easy book to read because it most definitely was not In fact, while I began reading this my stomach was churning and it felt sick and like it was churning So much so, that I had to keep drinking coke to settle my stomach Once I was reading I knew this was definitely not my kind of book Still I pushed through it and forced myself to finish it I did not enjoy it.What I liked about the book was that it was short chapters Did I mention I love short chapters Each chapter is told from the three different mother s of these high school senior s points of view Kendra, Lindsey and Dani have been life long friends whom live close by in an affluent neighborhood, They and their husband s are jolted from their sleep to every parent s worse nightmare Kendra and Paul s son Sawyer is dead Lindsey and Andrew s son is in a coma and Dani and Bryan s son is not talking Each set of parent s lives are irrecoverably changed forever.Each set of parent s have their issues All three wives and mother s try to put the pieces of the puzzle together to try and figure out exactly what happened Their friendships are tested and they are on the brink of so much suffering that their pain jumped off the pages to me This is such an excellent character study into how well do we really know our children As I was reading I thought back to when a good friend of mine said to me that I probably never realized what my two son s did They are 21 and 18 and after reading this I tend to agree with that cryptic warning They are both out of the house and I don t have any idea what they are doing I hope and pray that I never experience what these three families did.Publication Date August 18, 2020Thank you to Net Galley, Lucinda Berry and Thomas Mercer Publishing for providing me with my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review All opinion s are my own TheBestofFriends Lucinda Berry ThomasMercerPublishing NetGalley I have no doubt that this will be on my top 10, maybe even top 5 list of BEST BOOKS OF 2020 I was gripped by this story of Kendra, Dani and Lindsey, who have been best friends forever Now they have children of their own, and each of their teens are best friends to each other One night, a horrific event takes place while the teens are hanging out One ends up dead from a shotgun wound, another is in coma due to a shot to the head, and the other is alive but seemingly unable to talk and explain what happened This creates a domino effect in the lives of the three women and their families This is an unputdownable drama that doesn t stop pulling you until the very last page, which has a surprising little twist The beautifully smooth and descriptive writing by Lucinda Perry makes a great reading experience and very difficult to set the book down I absolutely loved THE BEST OF FRIENDS, and can t wait to readfrom this author Thank you to Thomas Mercer, author Lucinda Berry, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book centres around 3 women who have been close friends since childhood and their sons who have been close friends since birth A shooting occurs leaving one son dead, one son on life support and the remaining son non verbal The ensuing investigation opens all sorts of issues.Many twists and turns and secrets right up until the very end The secrets just kept getting deeper and deeper Nothing is never as it seems This book has tons of promise but for me it fell a little flat for the simple reason that it was hard the keep the families separate Which son belonged to which mother Whose son was dead or whose son was on life support I had to go back to previous chapters to check who was who The names were not similar, I m not sure why this happened I will assume that it is my problem, not a problem with the book But, it took away some of the enjoyment of the book. The Best of Friends by Lucinda Berry is another pulse pounding domestic drama from an author who has cemented her place on my must read list I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Ms Berry s work, and this latest is no exception.On a tragic night in Southern California, three teenage boys are involved in an unfathomable tragedy Left to deal with the fallout are their mothers, who also happen to be lifelong friends Told from the alternating perspectives of each of the women, Lindsey, Kendra, and Dani, secrets begin to emerge from behind the closed doors of each devastated family How well do we ever really know our closest friends or, in many cases, those who share our homes This is a heart wrenching read that I tore through over the course of a single afternoon Its weighty, gripping subject matter will linger long after the final page has been turned.Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for this ARC. A tragedy involving three teenage sons of lifelong friends remains an open ended mystery We know the end result, but we don t know what happened or who, if anyone, is at fault The sole survivor is so traumatized he can t speak about it.As each family attempts to grasp the shocking turn of their lives, at the heart is a story of relationships between friends, family members, husbands and wives, sons and daughters.I thought this may be too sorrowful to read during these stressful times, but an underlying lifting sentiment was surprisingly affected by the author That s talent This was a fast read and flowed easily My first novel by Lucinda Berry, but it won t be the last as I ve happened upon an impressive New to me author.Thank you to Netgalley, Thomas Mercer, and Lucinda Berry for my advance copy. The Best of Friends wasted no time in grabbing my attention The action starts in the very first sentence and doesn t let up from there I was captivated, wanting to know what happened, to whom, and why Kendra, Lindsey and Dani have been best friends since they were children They grew up, married, moved close to each other, and had children Their sons, Sawyer, Jacob and Caleb also became best friends, and life was pretty good for everyone Except that it really wasn t There were secrets in each family that just didn t seem that important, until one of the boys dies from a gunshot wound, one is left on life support, and one is intensely traumatized What happened The parents, grief stricken and looking for answers, find their worlds spinning out of control As they work with the detective to get to the bottom of that horrible night of the shootings, other problems in their lives start to become important, and their eyes are opened to things kept buried or never known until now I was intrigued with this story from beginning to end, as the author, Lucinda Berry, releases only small tidbits throughout to let you know what might or might not be the answer to the what, who, and why of everything I was never able to figure out exactly what happened until she made it clear, and even when I finally learned the truth, there was onesurprise at the end that I never saw coming There were so many pieces to this story, and the author tied them together skillfully, never losing my attention What a gripping tale My thanks to NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for an ARC in exchange for my honest review 4 stars