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At first I thought this was a book about an older man s obsession love for a younger woman and it was interesting But it turned out to be so muchthan that Don t get me wrong the obsessing was overlong but I really loved Rueben s transformation. I found this novel to be a coincidental parallel to coetzee s disgrace , with that said, disgrace was executed farbeautifully and, not to mention, painfully, than the rights to desire , ALTHOUGH, with this comparison put aside, I felt Brink s piece had its own idosynacies which made it an engaging and impacting read On a side note, the portrayal of South Africa post apatheid walks a fine line between realistically bleak and exhaustively despairing. My first by Brink I m into reading books which are by authors about places from all around the globe, since that is by far almost my only option to visit other countries, continents, cultures This book is my recent purchase, among books about India, Japan and Africa.Now, what I really, really loved and therefore cannot give any less than 4 stars was everything except when the text featured Tessa I cannot bear her I cannot bear her lies I cannot bear such people in real life and in fiction too, as it turned out She should carry with her a little notebook to write down her lies to remember them later and to stick to one option She was like a charecter from some different novel infantile, cruel oh, so much other nasty stuff And what she was doing to poor, naive Ruben a PULP of his otherwise fine brain I don t understand his unconditional love for her, it was only propelled by his insatiable desire and he himself could not make the distinction.Another thing in real life, all the cats WOULD definetly NOT favour Tessa, pretty little liar and scumbag as she is Cats know when a person is bad.OK, enough of this I loved Magrieta and Antje stories, Ruben life on the farm and later life with Riana, his refferences to books, the country in the haze of that times Brink handles the language and sentences in my favourite, intricate as lace, way Certainly not my last by him But I hope in other books he would restrain from such % characters as Tessa. If it was an option I would rather give it 3,5 stars This was my first Brink novel, I ashamedly admit, but will definitely not be my last And can he write and weave a story The hopelessness of the lead characters just got to me in the end, but Antje van Bengale was by far my favourite of the lot For me the intense description of the female body was too leaden and yes too descriptive that left it not mysterious enough for a man to wonder aboutonly an object to desire But I devoured the book and fought it was cleverly contrived and weaved even beautiful in some places But I must agree with another reviewer that the despairing description of post apartheid South Africa was indeed very bleak even for a Johannesburg native. E scritto bene e alcune delle cose raccontate sono molto interessanti mi piaciuto molto il continuo rimando al Sudafrica e alle sue tradizioni , ma non posso negare che spesso e volentieri mi abbia un po annoiato, e soprattutto la vicenda dei due protagonisti non mi ha mai coinvolto pi di tanto. Coincidentally written at the same time as Coetzee s Disgrace, and with a virtually identical at least in story premise a disgraced academic in South Africa I think Or just retired and a gang rape In fact the title comes from a line in Disgrace.This one was good, but really not as good. How can she understand how can I make myself understand that a desert holds the promise of flowers, that the dark of a moonless night is a condition of the light, that only in solitude can we discover the need of others, that even after a storm like the one outside the little birds can begin to sing I really enjoyed Brink s lyrical writing However, the plot just didn t do it for me and I came away from this book feeling fairly ambivalent, though I was mildly moved by the ending I would look out for Brink again on the strength of his prose, but just check that there is acompelling storyline before proceeding next time. Was he writing about `READ PDF ⇟ The Rights of Desire ☛ Ruben Olivier Leads An Isolated Existence In A Cape Town Suburb His Wife Has Died, One Of His Sons Has Settled In Australia, And The Other Wants To Emigrate To Canada The Only Constants In Ruben S Life Are The Old Family Home, The Ghost Of A Seventeenth Century Slave Girl Who Haunts It, And Magrieta, The Elderly Housekeeper Who Comes In To Look After Him When Ruben S Neighbor And Best Friend Is Brutally Murdered By Marauding Gangs, The Subtle Yet Pervasive Threat Of Violence Hovering Over Life In Cape Town Becomes Frighteningly RealAll Agree That Taking In A Boarder Might Be A Good Idea, And Ruben Is Pleasantly Surprised When Young Tessa Butler Walks In Out Of The Rain One Saturday Night She Restores Passion And Intrigue To His Life, But He Has Little Time To Enjoy The Infatuation, For Soon Ruben Finds Himself In A Web Of Deceptions, Manipulations, Disappearances, And LiesThis Extraordinary Novel Is At Once A Rich Story Of Enigmatic Characters And A Boldly Disquieting Meditation On The Attempt To Build A Future Of Hope And Promise From The Legacy Of The Past