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Where Do I Start,indeed I m not going to bother much.Well, I might go into hiding because it seems just about everyone liked this maybe I m just getting grumpy But this just came across as juvenile.The eye rolling was epic and it s probably all down to the chaotic start which I had to go back and read again never a good sign and I really disliked Fletcher. (((DOWNLOAD))) ✖ Where Do I Start? ⇵ The Ex Best ThingFletcher Andrews Never Believed In Promises Or Monogamy Or Love When You Re Tall And Gorgeous, New York City Is One Big All You Can Eat Buffet Of Hot Young Actors, Models, And Baristas Even When Living Happily With Roger, His Sweet, Sexy Violinist Boyfriend, Fletch Can T Resist An Occasional Taste Too Bad You Don T Know What You Ve Got Until It S Thrown You Out For Cheating With Half The Cast Of Disney On IceTwo Years And A Chance Meeting Later, Fletch Desperately Wants Roger Back Roger S New Boyfriend, Jeff, Will Do Anything To Stop That From Happening But Fletch Has A Plan To Make Amends And With A Little Help From Friends, Colleagues Even Roger S Scottish Terrier, Haggis They Might Find That The Love You Don T Believe In Can Sweep You Right Off Your Feet 3 Stars There are quite of few people shying away from this story because the subject of cheating this book has But I want to make it clear that there is no cheating present in this book It happened As in past tense These men are not together in the beginning nor in the middle of this book This story is about a guy realizing what he had and accepting the responsibility of hurting someone he cared for than he was willing to admit He has this epiphany when he see s his ex after 2 years He spends the entire book, and I do mean the entire book, trying to make a mends and in the end, win him back This is a new to me author At the beginning the writing threw me off a bit but eventually it worked itself out I struggled a bit but once I hit about the 25 30% mark things picked up and I became interested in how Fletch would redeem himself and win Roger back Fletch has a pretty sad past He doesn t dwell on it He doesn t particularly like talking about it either He s fine He s always fine And you would believe it because he s such an upbeat happy person I found him to be a pretty lonely character though Fletch doesn t have many people in his life besides his best friend Marco A friend who saved him from the streets as a teenager They ve also shared lovers and a bed on occasion But Fletcher has shared a bed with many and that is the problem and what cost him his relationship with Roger Roger is the complete opposite of Fletch He comes from a wealthy family, went to a prestigious college, is a lawyer, and is shy He was completely thrown off by Fletch being attracted to him Things moved fast between them There was no talk of love though This isn t a intsa love tale No, it took both of these men the entire book to come to that conclusion I liked both characters I loved Roger s best friend, Tommy Roger s dog, Haggis was cute Fletch was hard to not like He was funny and charming He did some extreme things to get Roger back and it was sweet BUT the men didn t have that great of chemistry I think this falls on the fact that there few intimate moments between them Oh, and that there was zero sex which is ironic considering Fletch was made out to be such a man whore I don t mind books that have no sex in them but I felt like this book needed it That it would have helped made these men feel believable as a couple There was some really sweet moments between them, just not enough In the end I did enjoy the book I am hoping both Marco and Tommy get a book I would definitely read them But I see it s going to be about Roger s horrible ex Jeffrey and I am not sure about that Happy reading dolls xx I was given an ARC from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 4.25 starsUmmmm Uh Huh I have no idea what to write I can t believe how this one did a 360 on me, it went from a DNF to me being hooked Maybe it is because this story portrays some of this generation relationships The writing is so 2020 and it got me interested The characters are real and complex, i just wish we got to know about Fletch I think the author just scratched the surface Roger needed some wake up whooping, other than that, He was good Tommy gets a medal Haggis gets a belly rub. 3.5 Hearts I admit that the premise of this book might not appeal to everyone, and I m kinda surprised myself that I chose to read this For unknown reasons, I was apparently intrigued by how a guy, who has made some unforgivable mistakes, wins back the love of his life.Now to put it out there, Fletch is definitely a piece of work He knows he s very good looking and is not shy, nor above using said looks, to skew things in his favor However, I want to clarify that there s not really a malicious bone in his body Fletch is fun, spontaneous, very carefree, and at the same time, when he was with Roger, he was kind and thoughtful and they just clicked So why the cheating It really is quite the conundrum, but things slowly come to light as this story unravels, and though I don t excuse his behavior at all, I can totally see why Fletch is the type of person he was and is When he meets up with Roger a couple years later, harsh reality smacks him in the face, making Fletch realize his mistake and just how much he wants to win Roger back.Roger is understandably still hurt In his ignorant bliss, his time with Fletch stands out as his happiest, but he can t fathom ever forgiving him, let alone taking him back Regardless, it s a moot issue since he s perfectly content with his boyfriend Jeff, and in comparison to Fletch, Jeff s stable, responsible, and trustworthy Little does poor Roger know that Jeff is far from the polished, put together person that he presents As Fletch wheedles his way back into Roger s life, it produces some interesting revelations, and Roger has to wonder if his planned life trajectory is really something that he wants, including what he currently has.Was this perfect No At times this was quite verbose and there was an overuse of nicknames that drove me a bit bonkers but it grew on me Fletch grew on me I will say 99.9% of the time, cheating is a hard limit for me, but somehow Hackett made me change my mind, and I found myself actually rooting for Fletch to win One slowly comes to see the complexity of the man with plenty of faults and baggage, who wants desperately to move beyond his origins and grab onto the one exceptional person who made him the happiest he d ever been in his entire life Fletch s charm is just that charming One can t not like him despite his past deplorable behavior I think that says something about Hackett s ability to successfully change the reader s, and Roger s, mind.So, this is technically a story about redeeming a cheating cad It s a story about opposites attract and second chances I implore you to not give up on the rough beginning As things are revealed, and how Fletch and Roger slowly re enter each other s lives and , this really turned into a sweet, fun, funny sadly, no smex romance that had me speeding on through and ultimately, cheering Fletch on to get his guy I had my reservations, thinking I had temporary insanity choosing this trope, but as the sequel is about Roger s dumped asshat of a boyfriend Jeff, I really don t have any doubts that Hackett can change my mind for that as well.An impressive debut for a tough topic Thank you to the author publisher for a copy in exchange for a honest review I adored this.Maybe I ll eventually be able to write a coherent review in the meantime, have some heart eyes Or take a look at these great reviews by Jess and Ulysses Dietz, which are way articulate than anything I m capable of right now.Oops, here come heart eyes sorry, can t help myself 5 BIG stars and What a great read, it kept me in its spell The way of writing was so uplifting It was warm, endearing, fluffy, emotional and witty.The most lovely MC s in their own wayThe story tells from the here and now and switches smoothly to what had happened and what they wished, written in the most captivating way Both MC s will give a view from their perspectiveFletch has a terrible attitude butyou will love himhe is just so.immature and Roger has a terrible attitude but.you will love himhe is just so.mature and Together they are perfect and so not.Roger a lawyer and a wonderful violinist Shy and introvert.and.with a lovely dog HaggisFletch, a Haggis lover, was kind, sparkling, always good humoured and not monogamous, not before, during and after his relationship with Roger.Roger was angry when he finds outthrew Fletch out and was left devastatedAfter two years they meet again.Fletch is struck and seen the light and wants Roger backAs sweet and easygoing Roger is, taking back Fletch is not an optionRoger has a boyfriend Jeff reyFletch is determined and has a creative mind Was there suddenly a part of my miserable, undereducated, oversexed, juvenile delinquent brain that was actually entertaining monogamy as a possibility The constant self reflections, the clarifying thoughts were just fabulous How good in bed could I possibly be that somebody would risk their life to chase me across Broadway against traffic Dear wise best friend Tommy realized some true things about how Roger and Fletch feel about each other and the reason why they don t say things I love Tommy and so hope there will be a story for him 3 And then some shit happened..I criedit broke my heartFletch.o..Fletch..he is just wonderfuland flawedand honestyes honestand Roger was such a fantastic flawed emotional cry guy.I loved them both hardIt s amazingly dynamic and very very lovable, not one line was boring There were so many lines playing with my heartmy laugh and my blurred eyesThe developing was tremendously good done.it was so good An absolute mustread Highly recommended Kindly received an ARC from publisher through Netgalley Wow This was awesome My first 5 star non YA M M romance of since Box 1663 last year Edit I just ordered a paper copy, how s that for an endorsement Fletcher is fucking hilarious, and I m going to be a bit of the odd one out and say Roger was unreasonable But, adorable nonetheless, and the violin is special to me, making violinist pretty much my only acceptable choice for musician characters You might notice from the dates on my updates, this took me 2 months to get through, and I m going to chalk that up to bad timing I didn t dislike the beginning, but it didn t grab me either, and after getting to the 20% mark, I set it aside I think I just wasn t in the right headspace for comic romance When I did pick it back up again yesterday I finished it in two sittings, and the only reason it wasn t one is that sadly I do have to go to work sometimes I ve already bought the follow up, though I can t imagine how the author is going to make the shit waffle Jeff rey sympathetic But I d have bought it anyway just out of gratitude for this one Here s hoping Hackett puts out a few so I can throw money at him Highly recommended. 3.5 stars Something weird happened Something weirder than me reading a second chance romance where one MC had cheated on the other.Weirder than me liking the cheater MC, who talks like he never got out of his teen phase not a plus for me, not a plus at all , before he did anything to redeem himself Weirder than me liking the cheater MCbefore he started doing anything to redeem himself than after, although at that point we definitely entered weird territory.Something weirder than all of the above, but all of the above did happen anyway.What was really weird was that I was ready to DNF at around 30%, but for some inexplicable reason I didn t and, surprise, it turned around I lied I know exactly why I kept reading I had already written half a rant in my head and I was really, really looking forward to it, but I wanted to be fair, and I thought I owed the book at least a last chance before using its review as a cheap therapy exercise If books could laugh, this one would be rolling on the floor cackling at me The book started well, in spite of myself I don t know how else to explain it, because I wasn t supposed to like anything at the beginning of this book I should have hated everything, from the premise to the cheater s voice, but I didn t It was working surprisingly well for me.Until the new boyfriend made his first appearance andhe was a walking clich How original I m not sure if the problem was that I was expecting something less over abused in romances, since the book had surprised me until then, or if it really was that bad I m leaning toward the latter, because that was the one single thing I couldn t get over throughout the entire story, even after I started enjoying it again, and I m still convinced it was a cheap shot But since I ended up liking the rest a lot, I kept my rant under control and under spoiler view spoiler The nasty, evil boyfriend is such an easy and annoying clich Of course the new boyfriend reveals himself as nasty and evil only when the ex comes back into the MC s life so that by comparison the ex can appear so much better, no matter how big of a jerk the ex himself had been Except that, no, the boyfriend really was a jerk all along, the MC just didn t notice, which makes him an idiot for not noticing for a year Wait, that s not true either He did notice He knew how so not well suited he and the boyfriend are, but he stayed with a person he didn t like much, with whom he didn t have anything in common and who didn t really like his beloved dog, because who knows Apparently just so that I could lose respect for him But hey, at least the author had an easy tool to move things along for the MCs when it was needed Just enter the one dimensional evil boyfriend and have him being a jerk and keep going hide spoiler Man oh man, the DNF urge had me in the first half, I m not gonna lie.I couldn t stand any of these assholes and kept grumbling at Roger to grow a bloody spine and drop kick Fletch down the window.It s mostly Tommy s fault I didn t DNF in the first half.I ve gotta say, Fletch and Roger may have landed some jokes in their POVs but Tommy Man, Tommy was a spitfire Every time he said something he had me howling and wanting and of him And this way, the other two dumbasses started growing on me as well.My friends were right, this is a damn fine story and I fully recommend it But prepare the gloves, you ll want to French slap the hell out of the MCs in the first half.