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I enjoyed reading My Best Friend s Brother, it is one of those books that is very well written with enough romance to appeal to both young and older readers I was pulled in from the very first few page where we find our young heroine, Adonia in the guidance counselor s office I thought their interaction was funny, and I thought the sports illustrated magazine was a good touch This author has a way with words that really brings the scenes and characters to life up off the pages, there is also a hint of sarcasm in her writing that is witty and livens up the book for sure I liked that the plot wasn t straightforward, but had a couple twists and turns such as the mysterious way Luke suddenly start behaving towards Adonia This was a sweet book that I enjoyed reading immensely, but I would also have no problem letting my teenage daughter read it as well. Sorry to disagree Hated it Didn t really finish it cause it pained me to read this Didn t feel connected to the characters Seems so fake and unrealistic The whole I love you after 2 days Urgh, sick of authors taking the lazy way out and not building a story to support this Also we don t need to be told he s hot every two pages I get it Greek god Yep Cool, we get it The engagement ring moment after 2 weeks even though it wasn t that s not normal thinking Even for loved up youths The twist is in the title This books just makes me angry Okay, it wasn t bad Just sweet and lots of teen drama Not really my cup of tea.I had a little trouble getting into it I started months ago and never finished but if you are in the mood for something sweet and innocent and awkward, this might just be it.Read 28 03 2016Will i recommend No. So much drama, I loved it Poor Adonia had her heart being pulled in so many directions at once I m glad she got the ending she did Luke seems like once he becomes a man he will be the perfect man. Really, really good Read my full review on my blog It s as if every other sentence was done like this No joke I just couldn t get on board with the fact that everything was an exclamation Even the thoughts in her head Annoying and took away from the story, which could have been okay. Liked the Adonia and Luke s Story..a bit young adult..but nice read. There s a spoiler in the title of the book Otherwise, it was pretty cute for a sappy teen romance with inexperienced kids falling in love quickly and having fights over petty things while not communicating with each other properly. Adonia was just your average girl living in Alaska she hated math, had boy and parent problems, and loved hanging out with her best friend Lilly than pretty much anything She is counting down the days until graduation and moving away from home, and thinks nothing special can happen between now and then But she s wrong.The day Lilly leaves for a 3 week long vacation in Florida much to Adonia s chagrin is the day that changes the rest of her life her high school life anyway That is when she meets Luke the perfect guy of any girl s dreams She falls hard and fast, and it seems like he does too There s only one problem with this perfect pictureshe knows he is hiding something He has a secret, and it could ruin everything.My Best Friend s Brother is a book that people of all ages will love and enjoy Chrissy Fanslau brings her story to life with fantastic writing and characters that are believable and relatable to everyone As soon as you start reading you are hooked so you might want to clear your calendar I m completely serious I was reading at work and got in trouble because I was so glued to the book Fanslau draws you in worth her first few pages, and each page after that just gets better than the last She transports you to Alaska and puts you right in the middle of the story You feel like you are there, witnessing it all as it happens She describes everything with great clarity and detail like neighbors with snot frozen to their faces or a ditzy guidance counselor obsessed with Hawaii but she doesn t go overboard with them so they slow down the story She also makes it real There s nothing really over the top about her story and you can believe in everything she writes Well, maybe the teenage angst is crazy, but most teenagers are like that And now I m dating myself lol.The story is told from Adonia s point of view, so you see, hear, and feel everything she does You love her immediately she s sarcastic and funny and simply amazing I love how she has no filter and thinks with her mouth blurting out whatever is in her mind when she gets nervous Fanslau has done a great job developing her characters and making them realistic and relatable to anyone of any age younger readers will instantly understand and older readers will be reminded of their own younger days Even though this is technically a YA book, and I m technically not a YA, I loved this book and I think everyone else will too It is a fun escape from real life for a while My Best Friend s Brother is wonderfully done, and I am eagerly waiting for the next book ^Download Epub ↬ My Best Friends Brother (My Best Friends Brother #1) ☠ Book One In The MY BEST FRIEND S BROTHER Series YA Contemporary Romance Romantic Comedy CONTENT WARNING This Book Contains Non Graphic Sexual Content And Some Strong Language When Lilly Announced That Her Estranged Brother Is Coming To Live With Her, Adonia Was Shocked She Had No Idea Her Best Friend Even Had A Brother Adonia Doesn T Have Long To Process This Revelation Before Lilly Jets Off To Vacation In Sunny Florida, Leaving Her Alone For Weeks Adonia Doesn T Know How She S Going To Pass The Time, But That Changes One Morning When She S Sitting In A Local Book Store And Spots The Sexiest Guy She S Ever Seen Little Does She Know, He S Spotted Her Too His Name Is Luke, And He S Smokin Hot So Hot That Adonia Has Dubbed Him A Greek God Luke Sweeps Her Off Her Feet, Beats The Tar Out Of Her Jerky Ex Boyfriend At School, And Is A Perfect Gentleman What S Not To Love About Her Greek God He S An Award Winning Skier And Olympic Hopeful, And He S Fallen In Love With HER But Between Stolen Kisses, Moonlight Skiing And Heated Whispers, Adonia Has The Feeling Luke Is Keeping Secrets When She Tries To Get Him To Share, Luke Clams Up Not Knowing What To Do, Adonia Decides To Back Off, But Has No Idea That Everything Is About To Come Crashing Down Around Her Her Love For Luke Is About To Be Tested Beyond Any Relationship She S Ever Had Will Their Love Survive The Test Or Will Adonia End Up With Nothing, Just As She Was Starting To Think She Had Everything