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!Download Book ♔ Sweet Savage Love (Brandon-Morgan #1) ♽ Ginny Brandon Is Swept From The Ballrooms Of Paris To The Desert Sands Of Mexico And Into The Arms Of Charismatic Mercenary Steve Morgan But This Fearless Heroine And Hero Of All Heroes Must First Endure Countless Unforeseen Dangers Before They Can Enjoy Sensual, Exhilarating Passion That Burns Between Them The book that started it all.Everyone s first modern romance novel they read in the 70s at age 14 20 or thereabouts Who can forget Ginny and Steve.Love to see everyone giving it either 1 star or 5 The granddaddy of all romance novels deserves nothing less than an extreme, high drama reaction Yes, it said the F word and the hero rapes the heroine and she loves it what the hell is he supposed to do after he s ripped her bodice Apologize.Hell, yes, rape and sex are about power and exactly who does hold it And give it Will never forget in the so called big rape scene, how Steve whispers in French Ginny doesn t know he can speak her language to this point about the little death , which is the French word for an orgasm As he is shattering atop her, whispering that she is killing him, she stabs him with her hidden knife Who s got the metaphorical penis here THE classic Where is my old dog eared copy from the Earth Journal of Scientific Analyst SLJLK92349UO, Earth Invasion Exploratory UnitMy studies of the human kind as they eke out their muddy existence on this muddy ball of earth, third from its star, has of course included a comparative survey of these creatures various art forms, including their literature My predilection has naturally been towards their so called Science Fiction genre as I am a member of Robot Planet s advance team stationed on this planet to prepare for our eminent invasion, it seemed an obvious fit and an ideal place to study the vagaries of the human race Later, I began studying other genres and realized I have been incorrect in my choices and assumptions Foolish Scientific Analyst am I After reading this novel Sweet Savage Love, it is now clear that the best path to understanding this species is through the so called Bodice Ripper genre All that time wasted on Science Fiction The realization hit this Scientific Analyst as suddenly and as tempestuously as a bodice being ripped from the ripe, peach colored body of a highly strung but plucky young lady by a notorious alpha male lover rapist whose manliness is illustrated by the hairiness of his torso, his willingness to ravish all women and kill all men, and his inability to pronounce the three words I love you Sweet Savage Love is not only a novel of romance, it is also a cough Historical Novel This is where my initial attraction to this genre and this book began It is a novel of the American Old West and the revolution against Emperor Maximilian in Mexico And so it is a Western and a War Novel It is also an Exciting Novel Little did this Scientific Analyst realize how immersive an experience this would be, and how pleasurable The Western genre has held very little interest for this Scientific Analyst, as I have scarce interest in reading about a small sliver of a time frame within the American plutocracy s past in particular as this time frame appears to encapsulate all of the naivete and machismo and reactionary tendencies of this people I sneered at this genre foolish Scientific Analyst am I Sweet Savage Love s historical sweep and exciting scenes of violence and lavish lifestyles and incredible journeys and amusing set pieces describing dining, decadence, and erotic dancing held me captive like a virginal and emotional but surprisingly sharp tongued young lady captured by a brutal but attractive alpha male lover rapist and then secreted away in a luxurious bordello as he figures out his next move and how to best evade his own capture, while plundering her on a nightly, sometimes daily basis.As I read on, I realized that immersion within past time frames of historical significance was only a part of my pleasure I realized that this book was teaching me many things This Scientific Analyst learned much about aberrant human nature, its highs and its lows, the over the top emotions and the physically and emotionally violent romances and the at times strangely stylized and at other times crudely direct way that humans express their desires to each other As the characters chased each other, beat each other, experienced horrifying gang rape, were whipped and then tortured in dark cells and under burning suns, stuck knives into the necks of their enemies, donned disguises, inherited riches, uttered incredibly cruel and petty things to each other while panting, flirted and ravished and thrust tongues into each other s oral cavities and copulated times than this reader could keep track of this Scientific Analyst felt his own emotions begin to race This Scientific Analyst gripped this book quite tightly because the book was quite gripping This Scientific Analyst is eager to share this novel and others of its ilk with his brethren back on Robot Planet This Scientific Analyst knows that his brothers and sisters will love it, if they can get past their natural embarrassment at reading such scandalous material This Scientific Analyst is certainly not ashamed to say that he quite enjoyed Sweet Savage Love it was as enjoyable as a final, book closing embrace between a fiery, violent, no longer virginal young lady who has really suffered and her beau, an angry, violent, sexually well traveled young man who also has really suffered This Scientific Analyst s mechanical components trembled with dark delight at the thought that there are many books of the bodice ripping persuasion to be read This Scientific Analyst politely requests that his Robot Masters possibly consider delaying our glorious invasion for just a short while, so that further study of this genre can continue. I tried, I really did I wanted to see what the fuss was about WTF is romantic about this story The part where he rapes her Or the part where he slaps her How about the part where he washes her mouth out with soap Oh I KNOW It s where he keeps calling her a whore.OMFG no thank you I love bodice rippers but I kind of like the hero to not be a masochistic ass wipe. Wow I feel as if I ve been run over by a steamroller I found this book to be very emotionally intense There was even a point in the book when I asked myself Can I continue to read this The book revolves around Virginia Ginny and Steve Morgan.Their relationship can only be described as a love hate relationship on steroids, laced with crack, while funneling tequila Mix in a little smuggling, war, espionage, adultery, torture and a lot of rape All of this takes place in Paris, the US, and Mexico There are a lot of overwhelming secondary characters too such as mercenaries, prostitutes, french officers, gypsy dancers and a very unfortunate love slave This story isn t for the faint of heart It was shocking and downright cruel Through it all, I loved the characters Steve was a sadistic cheating jerk that I wanted to slap upside the head yet he would show brief moments of humanity Ginny became one of my all time favorite favorite female characters She evolved so much through out this book and I admired the strength she showed after all the horrific events she had to endure I would not recommend this book to all readers because it seamed horrific than tender, but it was an amazing roller coaster ride The dysfunctional relationship between two batshit protagonists was initially a hoot to read but in the end, the story was overlong I had to drag myself through the horrors of the last quarter and I was glad to leave both of them on the last page. I m starting the New Year off right with some fabulous buddy reads BR in January with Korey and Queen Snowflake Nenia REVIEWI heard about this book when I was a teenager, before I even really knew what a bodice ripper was A friend of my parents had this book, and when we saw it at their house my mom knowingly said Steve and Ginny I sneaked a glance at the title, and thought sweet savage love was something I REALLY wanted to read about.A few years later I tracked the book down and devoured it It was like none of the other romance novels I d ever read So much passion and hatred Yes Reeling from the impact, I described the entire book to a friend of mine while eating lunch at Panda Express, which I m sure she really enjoyed I never read another Rosemary Rogers book, afraid it wouldn t be as good.Anyway, I still enjoyed this a lot on my second read, but now that I m older and cynical, I wasn t as breathlessly rapt as when I read it in my early twenties While the first three parts of the book were really good, the story started to drag in the fourth THEN Rogers puts you through the wringer while torturing her characters But I actually love that she isn t afraid to torture them Too often, the hero or heroine of a romance novel is spared any real, lasting damage Or they escape just before something really bad happens Here s the thing I LOVE WHEN CHARACTERS SUFFER ALLLLLL THE SUFFERING PLEASE And holy crap, do Steve and Ginny suffer They put each other through it, others put them through it, and they do it to themselves I m not even convinced they stop suffering after the story is over, and I ve seen reviews of the second book that confirm they suffer there too.Rogers writes in a way that s easy to read, although riddled with grammatical errors that don t necessarily look like errors she loves semi colons This is one romance that defies the term, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISKThis book took me on some wild ride I ve had it on my to read shelf for a while now but was always intimidated to read it since I ve heard far and wide about the abuse the heroine had to endure I admit I was a wuss before, but I am a wuss no longer The verbal sparring and fighting between Ginny and Steve was off the charts They were a bunch of nut jobs and I loved it Steve Morgan is a rake, and I don t mean the type of rake that everyone says is a rake because he has a mistress, but deep down inside he s a pussycat because he doesn t sleep with virgins I mean Steve Morgan is the kind of rake that has no compunction about sleeping with virgins or cheating, no compunction about tonguing another woman moments after getting married, no compunction about installing his mistress in his wifey s house, where she has to cut the other woman to get her the hell out You heard me right CUT Don t feel sorry for Ginny though because my girl is no pushover Steve has his hands full with trying to tame her She gives as good as she gets She is now safely installed as one of my favorite heroines.So like I said before, this book was a little scary to read because even though I love me some bodice rippers, my poor little heart can t take it when the heroine gets ganged raped by every single dude she come across and suffers constantly, but I was expecting it, so I was ready for it WRONG What happened to me was a turn of events that maybe only Rosemary Rogers can explain At around 70 percent, I encountered the first rape scene Poor Ginny was only trying to save the ungrateful Steve s life by offering herself to one of the bad guys ok, so maybe it wasn t really rape since she offered herself, but still so I shed a tear and told myself that it would be over soon When it was over I felt okay and thought I was doing really good because I still wanted to read the book, but what I didn t realize was that it was not over at all What I didn t realize was that she was going to be gang raped by three other men who would eventually turn her into a whore for months and months traveling along with them as their soldader Oh how it hurt me to see her go through such degradation I cried, I went into work complaining, I swore I would stop reading the book and give it one big fat star because it was the worst book in all of creation But then I found myself constantly thinking about what would happen next and I couldn t resist picking it back up Just to read a few pages mind you But then the bastard that bought Ginny so low got what he deserved, and she fell on her feet again and became the country s most famous courtesan and I couldn t turn away In the end I was sighing when Steve and I got over our issues with what had happened to her, and he finally told her he loved her About Rosemary RogersRosemary Jansz was born on 1932 in Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka , she was the oldest child of Dutch Portuguese settlers, Cyril Jansz and her wife Barbara Her father was a wealthy educator who owned three posh private schools She was raised in colonial splendor dozens of servants never did a lick of work Summers at European spas Impossible to go anywhere without a chaperone, a dreamy child, she wrote her first novel at eight, and all through her teens scribbled madly romantic epics in imitation of her favorite writers Sir Walter Scott, Alexandre Dumas and Rafael Sabatini At 17, Rosemary rebelled against a feudal upbringing and went to the University of Ceylon, where she studied three years She horrified her family by taking a job as a reporter, and two years later marrying with Summa Navaratnam, a Ceylonese track star known as the fastest man in Asia The marriage had two daughters Unhappily, he often sprinted after other women Disappointed with her husband, in 1960, she moved with her two daughters and took off for London In Europe she met her future second husband, Leroy Rogers, an african american He was the first man, she recalls, who made me feel like a real woman After getting a divorce from her first husband, she married Rogers in his home town, St Louis, Missouri They moved with her family to California, where she had two sons Six years later, when that marriage broke up, Rosemary was left with four children to support on her 4,200 salary as a typist for the Solano County Parks Department In 1969, in the face of a socialist takeover of Ceylon, her parents fled the island with only 100, giving Rosemary two dependents At 37, the rich girl from Ceylon was on her uppers in Fairfield Every night for a year, Rogers worked to perfect a manuscript that she had written as a child, rewriting it 24 times When she was satisfied with her work, she sent the manuscript to Avon, which quickly purchased the novel That novel, Sweet Savage Love , skyrocketed to the top of bestseller lists, and became one of the most popular historical romances of all time Her second novel, Dark Fires , sold two million copies in its first three months of release Her first three novels sold a combined 10 million copies The fourth, Wicked Loving Lies sold 3 million copies in its first month of publication Rosemary Rogers became one of the legendaries Avon Queens of Historical Romance The difference between she and most of others romance writers is not the violence of her stories, it is the intensity She says My heroines are me , and certainly her life could be one of her novels In September of 1984, Rosemary married a third time with Christopher Kadison, but it was a very brief marriage and they soon began to live apart I d like to live with a man, she admits, but I find men in real life don t come up to my fantasies I want culture, spirit and sex all rolled up together Today single, Rosemary lives quietly in a small dramatic villa perched on a crag above the Pacific near Carmel Her four children are now away from home and she continues to write. Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers New Years 2018 Reading Challenge, for the category of Antebellum Civil War Reconstruction Romance For info on this challenge, click here Every time someone says romances are too light, and that they don t have enough action, I want to throw a bodice ripper at them SWEET SAVAGE LOVE is one of the early bodice rippers, when the authors were still working out the formula, and was published just two years after THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER.SWEET SAVAGE LOVE is a Western romance set amid the backdrop of the Franco Mexican War and the American Civil War Ginny Brandon is the daughter of a Southern senator who has a vested interest in the Confederates beating the Union After spending her childhood in France, growing up in the lap of luxury, she is now joining her father on his trip to petition the sympathetic French.Steve Morgan is a Yankee spy, as well as a Juarista the people who supported Benito Juarez and were very much against Emperor Maximillian s presence in Mexico He has signed up with Brandon s men under false pretenses, intending to lure them to bandits who will make off with the gold they re planning on using to bribe the French If you think these two romantic leads are at odds, oh boy, you have no idea SWEET SAVAGE LOVE was a 600 page psychodrama that was less about love than it was about Stockholm syndrome, hate sex, and physical and psychological torture I thought reading one of her later books, SURRENDER TO LOVE published in 1982 , had adequately prepared me for SWEET SAVAGE LOVE, but I was woefully mistaken As dark as SURRENDER was, it couldn t hold a candle to SAVAGE.SWEET SAVAGE LOVE has a bitingly realistic portrayal of war, in the sense that it doesn t shy away from the squalor of living life on the run, in the field, or in prison the desperation of men in tough situations, and the cruelty they ll inflict when they re either cornered or on a power trip and the violence physical and sexual that occurs in all of the former situations Steve is party to all of these, and his sexual encounters with the heroine are often unconsensual in fact, when they first meet, he mistakes her for the prostitute he thought he ordered He kills without mercy and sleeps with every female character who appears in this book, including the heroine s stepmother , his grandfather s servants, and his own godmother The heroine also has a number of partners who aren t Steve, but, again, a lot of these are unconsensual, and she doesn t really enjoy herself even when they are.The western setting is truly glorious I love the detail The sensory descriptions This was what won me over in SURRENDER TO LOVE, when Rogers lovingly details what it was like to be in Victorian era Ceylon She brought the setting to life, as she does her albeit to a slightly less vivid and sympathetic extent SWEET SAVAGE LOVE is very un PC and if the sex scenes aren t enough to get you, the racist stereotypes and incredibly poor Spanish translations will Seriously, the Spanish in this book was awful It s only my second language and I don t speak it too well, but I know enough to know that mi casa esta su casa is not correct, that La Caseta does not mean The Little House she meant La Casita La Caseta means The Booth , and that it s abuelo and not abielo How hard would it have been to get someone who speaks Spanish to look this over Still, despite everything, until about 75% in, this was going to be a 5 star book Ginny was a spitfire Steve was fascinating in addition to being involved in two wars, he was also affiliated with the Comanche people and married one at 15 , half Mexican and fluent in Spanish, fluent in French, and the grandson of an incredibly rich and influential plantation owner The problem comes when Ginny is captured by the French and Steve bursts in to save her and both characters but especially Steve are subjected to some of the worst horrors imaginable, and due to a series of incredibly long misunderstandings, each blame the other for their predicaments For the next 15% of the book or so, the hero and heroine remain apart, wallowing in misery and being tortured emotionally, sexually, and psychologically It was agonizing, and I could hardly stand it The last time a romance book brought me to my knees figuratively was probably in Patricia Hagan s Coltrane saga, particularly in LOVE AND WAR, where she seemed to delight in torturing her heroine Rosemary Rogers does the same with Steve and Ginny, in a gigantic misery fest that finally blows out around the 90% mark.This book is not for everyone, and it s hardly a traditional love story, but if you re into bodice rippers and edgy reads, SWEET SAVAGE LOVE is a fantastic book There really is nothing like it and the story is so epic, and Rosemary Rogers makes you suffer and sweat for that HEA I m really glad that my friends Korey and Heather joined me in this buddy read it forced me to endure and keep going Speaking of keeping going, I happen to have book 2 if anyone wants to join 3.5 to 4 stars I could not believe that no one had made a movie out of this book when I read it years ago This was my first historical romance novel and I could not put it down The writing was so colorful and Rosemary Rogers made Mexico sound so romantic I eventually tired of bodice rippers like these and the impossibly gorgeous heroes and heroines who hated each other through most of the story as they lusted after each other in spite of themselves The title says it all But I remember Sweet Savage Love fondly I guess you never forget your first