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    Paperback å 14 Epub Ê

    Paperback  å 14 Epub Ê

    ❮Ebook❯ ➢ 14 Author Jean Echenoz – Cinq hommes sont partis à la guerre une femme attend le retour de deux d’entre eux Reste à savoir s’ils vont revenir Quand Et dans quel étatCinq hommes sont partis à la guerre une femme at.

    14 KindleTend le retour de deux d’entre eux Reste à sav.

    Tend le retour de deux d’entre eux Reste à sav.

    Paperback  å 14 Epub Ê

    Paperback å 14 Epub Ê Jean Echenoz is a prominent French novelist many of whose works have been translated into English among them Chopin’s Move 1989 Big Blondes 1995 and most recently Ravel 2008 and Running 2009

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    1. Fionnuala Fionnuala says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleI kept thinking in images as I read this short book by Jean Echenoz The images I saw in my mind's eye were mostly war scenes since this book is about WWI but they weren’t horrific they weren't filled with bombed out wastelands desperation or misery No the images I saw had the delicate outline of resigned figures in uniform marching eating resting or the elegant silhouettes of relatives left behind in some idyllic town its church spire outlined against a clear sky All the images had the warm glow of evening suffusing everything with a surprisin

    2. TBV TBV says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleJean Echenoz is not a verbose author with few words he conveys much In this slim novella which weighs in at 130 pages including copious notes he says a great deal about WWI About the high hopes and expectations as 'green' French recruits first set out for the Front in 1914 almost as if they were embarking on an exciting adventure About how they were going to celebrate in triumph in Berlin in a matter of weeks And then the stark reality of war the Great War Where reality almost becomes unreal and men react like automatons Many authors have written about all of this in many books but author Echenoz knocks one on the head with his sparse language his very few words At times his words seem bland or even callous but they shock all the same Absurdity incongruity and irony are

    3. Roger Brunyate Roger Brunyate says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 Kindle A disarmingly simple novella of the Great WarAt only 109 pages plus the copious and very informative notes by the translator Linda Coverdale Jean Echenoz' novella might seem too slight to cover even the last months of 1914 when France entered a war expected to last only a few weeks let alone to deny its title by going all the way to the armistice in 1918 But its almost casual brevity is the secret of its power Echenoz describes the explosion of shells in the French trenches with much the same objective simplicity as he pictures the new recruits parading on that s

    4. Stephen Durrant Stephen Durrant says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleJean Echenoz one of France's most talented and versatile writers here tackles a formidable topic the First World War which has already inspired a small library of great literature He succeeds at his task somewhat surprisingly without relying upon either historical breadth or psychological depth 14 has an extremely small cast of characters essentially five young men recruited together and one young woman left behind All these are portrayed strictly from the outside For example one of the recruits is unjustly accused of desertion and is executed without any dir

    5. Stef Smulders Stef Smulders says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleNot a very special short novel with a rather simple WWI story told almost like a fairytail or tragicomedy One would think there is material enough here to write a fullgrown novel What did the writer intend to do? Write a lighthearted version of the terrible happenings in which due to the irony of fate Anthime takes the position in life of his elder previously unattainable brother?

    6. Jim Coughenour Jim Coughenour says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleI keep hoping for another novel from Echenoz that I'll enjoy as much as I'm Gone but three novels on that hasn't happened I was curious about 1914 published in French as 14 as it also happens to be his 14th novel or so I read somewhere I'm in the midst of what will probably be a year long reading project of fat histories of World War I These are an exceptional crop of books as illuminated by RJW Evans's recent essay in the NYRB – but I was ready for a breatherThere's already a trove of novels about the WWI – my favorite being Pat Barker's Regeneration trilogy For English writers it seems to have been the most literary war ever Echenoz knows th

    7. Kris Kris says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleMy review is published in Rain Taxi's current print edition Volume 19 Number 1 Spring 2014 73httpwwwraintaxicomprint edition

    8. Sotiris Karaiskos Sotiris Karaiskos says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleA small novel that concentrates in a few pages the experience of the First World War Going straight into the subject the author presents the war from various angles from the rear to frontline soldiers with a prose full of interesting metaphors that manages to say many

    9. KOMET KOMET says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 KindleAs suggested by its title 1914 serves as both the key and the cornerstone of the story A story shaped in every way by war 1914 has as its focus 5 men from the Vendée in the Loire Region of France Anthime an accountant by training his cousin Cha

    10. jeremy jeremy says:

      Paperback å 14 Epub Ê 14 Kindlea slim world war i novel jean echenoz's 1914 14 in its original french tells the fates of five young frenchmen as they're forced onto the front lines of the great war while the narrative moves quickly spanning the better part of two years echenoz succinctly captures the essence and aftermath of bloody conflict a brief character study about war's effects on friends and family than a moralizing or philosophizing novel about the horrors of war 1914 is stark yet spare managing to portray the absurdity and indifference of battle in barely a hundred pages while not the most compelling wwi work of fiction it is nonetheless a moving personal story of loss and the life that com

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