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Not quite sure what happened, one moment I clicked on my kindle to start the first chapter, the next moment, I realized that I tore thru this book and didn t stop until I got to the last page To say this was a page turner is an understatement I love the tongue in cheek sense of humor of the main character and actually laughed out loud during a few parts something I NEVER do I also like it when strong female characters are brought in and the sister was no exception While I m a huge fan of the thriller genre, I typically read detective lawyer type thrillers this was my first dip into military type thrillers and I can say it won t be my last.I hope that this is the start of a great series and if so I ll be anxiously waiting for the next Travis Deacon Novel. Free Ebook ♼ Hellfire ⚇ An International Debut Dagger Award Finalist Packed With Action, Emotion And Suspense Crime Writers Association A Must Read For Any Fan Of The Thriller Genre Joe Nassise, Internationally Best Selling Author Of Eyes To See And The Templar Chronicles US Marine Travis Deacon Always Loves Catching Some RR And He Loves Being In Wales To Catch It, Until His Best Friend, SAS Major Gareth Jones, Dies In An Auto Accident When Travis Asks Too Many Questions About Gareth S Death, MI Steps In And Tries To Send Him Back To Afghanistan Then, The International Terrorist Who Killed His Friend, Tries To Send Travis To Hell It Gets Worse When Detective Sergeant Dee Jones, Gareth S Sister, Arrests Travis To Find Out If He S Involved Together, Convinced That Gareth Was Murdered, Travis And Dee Search For The Killer They Dodge Terrorist Assassins And British Agents In Their Search Across Wales For The Truth Suddenly, The Murder Investigation Becomes A Frantic Race To Prevent A Terrorist Attack That Could Change The World Strap Yourself In For Rickard B DeMille S HELLFIRE, A Page Turner Full Of Humor, Reluctant Romance, And Plot Twists That Will Have You Writhing In Your Seat Margaret Bailey, Author Of Diamond In The Sky Hellfire by Rickard DeMilleU.S Marine Travis Deacon, who works with the CIA in Afghanistan and his friend Major Gareth Jones of the M15, the British equivalent of the FBI, decided to go to Wales for vacation, watch some rugby and drink beer.Instead Gareth is killed in a what was being called an auto accident Travis knew it was murder, so did Gareth s sister, Detective Sargeant Deidre Jones They team up to hunt down the terrorist who killed Gareth and who is planning an international terrorist incident.Follow them as they try to dodge the M15 and the terrorist as they tear through Wales trying to get justice for Gareth and prevent the international catastrophe.This thriller is fast paced with great characters and plot twists Purchase this Debut Dagger award winner, for Kindle at This was a fab read I ve been trying to read crime and mystery books lately as my tastes usually bend to fantasy and science fiction.There was a great amount of horror, mystery, and intensity that balanced nicely with the visceral scenes It was nice to see the twists to the story and several of them really defied the same old, same old tried and tested twists of the genre I can see why this was a finalist in the Debut Dagger Awards, as DeMille writes with flair, talent and an indepth knowledge of what the readership want.Definitely recommend. This was a welcome change from the sorts of novels I normally read, and it has certainly made me want to read crime fiction I think writing in the first person makes the protagonist a sympathetic character, and I grew sufficiently attached to him that I cringed during his ordeals in the book s darker moments I will definitely read any future books the author releases.Hellfire somehow combines action and suspense with the suggestion of romance and even a little humour and the little comic touches really help to lighten the mood, break the tension and give the character of Deacon a necessary third dimension his reference to an erroneous Heimlich manoeuvre was really funny The book is quite gory, as other reviewers have observed, but it never feels gratuitous Indeed, it always feels necessary to both the plot, and to the pervading sense of menace The book is relentless though There is little time to breathe, and I found that I devoured the entire book in two sittings The plot is simple, but it s pretty intense, and the author s ability to keep you reading into the small hours of the night is to be admired In short, I d have to recommend this to anyone interested in the genre Deacon is a strong, solid character, and I really do hope we ll get to see of him. This is a story filled with action, adventure, mystery, suspense, espionage, treachery, romance, you name it I definitely wanted to know from the beginning The story opened with a great introduction to the fact that it took place in the UK and that the main character in the story was from the US I may not have understood many of the UK references, but that was ok because Travis was just as confused as I was The humor brought me in at first, and then the mystery regarding Gareth hooked me further.Reading this book felt a lot like watching a movie than reading a book I felt that I could see the characters well when they were explained in detail, but even when they were explained with comical nicknames In fact, I pictured Travis as Jason Stathem.Overall, I really enjoyed reading Hellfire I don t typically read mystery suspense and action for pleasure, but this one has introduced me to the genre in a positive way I have always enjoyed movies that are similar to this story, and now I know that I enjoy reading them too.The humor in the story added that little piece of something extra that most stories lack when there are tragedies involved, which was also quite refreshing.http 20