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This was a fun story that takes place in a small town full of weirdos Big city businessman Joe stays at Emmylou s bed breakfast while he checks into possibility of opening a cat litter factory nearby There was plenty of humor, sex and unique bits but I was easily distracted and seemed like it took me forever to finish. There s a reason Nancy Warren is a USA Today bestselling author, and once you pick up a copy of TURN LEFT AT SANITY, you ll know why Just in case you re not able to get to your favorite bookstore today, though, I ll go ahead and give you a clue, or maybe even three a hot, sexy, corporate minded hero a twenty something, bed and breakfast owning heroine supporting characters who, although in their seventies, still believe they ve got what it takes to be mistresses in a brothel a small town with eccentricities than an insane asylum dialogue that will have you laughing so hard you ll need to wipe the tears from your eyes And those are only a few of the surprises in store for you once you start reading TURN LEFT AT SANITY For Emmylou Sargent, being levelheaded, business minded, and absolutely normal is the way things have to be After all, she does own a bed and breakfast in Beaverton , Idaho , that just so happened to once be a brothel And yes, some of the former ladies of the evening still reside with her, and many seem to drop in all too often for tea Someone has to have a good head on their shoulders, and it seems that Emmylou has been nominated for the position Regardless of the seventy somethings who still proclaim their prowess in the bedroom, or the lady who insists they should burn this modern day Tara to the ground before the Yankees can get their hands on it, Emmylou is determined to lead as normal a life as possible The only problem with that scenario is that in a town like Beaverton , normal adds up to a whole lot of boring Boring, that is, until one Joe Montcrief shows up at her BB, looking for a room Tall, dark, and undeniably handsome, Joe s making his way through Beaverton for only one reason buy some land, make some deals, and get the heck out of dodge What he never expects is to be almost instantly attracted to the demure innkeeper where he s bedding down or to be asked what his sexual problems are by women old enough to be his grandmothers Undeniably intrigued, however, Joe finds himself in no sudden rush to leave this small town in fact, he s finding and reasons to spend time with Emmylou and her family of sexual fanatics The only problem is, the the former ladies of the night harp on his love life, the Joe fantasizes about making some new memories with the very prim and proper Emmylou TURN LEFT AT SANITY is a hilarious romp through small town life, with characters just crazy enough to keep you entertained throughout the entire story For Joe and Emmylou, the attraction might be strong and immediate, but these two characters are looking for different things out of life and a short, one night stand isn t it Ms Warren has done an excellent job, as always, combining a highly charged sexual attraction with real to life characters and witty dialogue, resulting in a story that s as heartfelt and genuine as it is amusing. [Download Ebook] ☦ Turn Left At Sanity ♾ While Visiting Saunders, Idaho, A Town Rife With Zany Characters, Ruthless Businessman Joe Iskerson Discovers That His BB Is Now A Home To Retired Ladies Of The Evening And That The Proprietor, Emylou Gainor, Has The Ability To Drive Him Insane With Passion Original , First Printing Full of humor, just and crazy, zany people. One of my favorite games is shopping for books at the dollar store Cause where else can you get a new book for a buck twenty five The goal find something that I like amidst all the crossword puzzle books and copies of A Very Barbie Christmas This was the winner Not only did I get to add another nearly headless hero to my collection before the end of the year, but it was also well written and funny The premise is basically an extended naughty joke, but it s a funny joke and a sexy story and my flight was really turbulent so I needed a distraction Nancy Warren, for making me laugh despite the toddler kicking my seat and the bad weather over Phoenix, you win the dollar store Book Award Congrats Turn Left at Sanity by Nancy WarrenI think I took that left turn picking up this book It s not that it s bad, especially for what it is, but I just am not in the mood for cutesy Beautiful, untouchable and did I mention sexy single woman who is the inkeeper of The Shady Lady a former brothel turned BB meets Manhattan businessman handsome, single and did I mention sexy who is there to cut a deal to as he sees it save the town But as the quirky and yes, they are from the ex ladies of the night who are in their 80 s but auctioning themselves off as the natural Viagra on e bay, to the German born resident who thinks he s NApoleon, to the quiet kleptomaniac who gifts the things she has pinched to the original ownersyou get the drift come to believe, he s out to destroy their town and its history Can this town and romance be saved Turn left at Sanity to find out Oh did I mention that the town founded on sex therapy and such is named after its founder and is called are you ready Beaverton. Joe is a corporate broker looking for the next place to build a kitty litter factory Emylou is the granddaughter of a fabled sex therapist psychiatrist and the owner of the former brothel in town The town is filled with the former patients of the now closed psychiatric institution loony bin The dialog is decent in places and great in others But the setting and the sub characters are what make this book shine So if the dialog is good and the characters are likable why only three stars Well, the last 50 pages or so just got a bit ridiculous for me Still a solid 3.5 but since I rounded the last one up I spent the vast majority of this book feeling like I ve read it before There s just nothing in it that s particularly original.Nancy and Joe the main characters have pretty great chemistry and good moments but most of the side characters never develop past crazy , with situations feeling contrived in order to display that craziness.Beyond that.It did elicit a couple of laughs and I didn t end up feeling like I wasted my time, so it might be an interesting read for someone not so familiar with the genre. Disappointed Waste of time Had to skip a few chapters just to finish the book. I found both the characters and the story entertaining What a pleasant surprise