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I received this book from the author and read it on Kindle for the PC I had never used Kindle for the PC before and I was a little worried about losing my place when my mouse took off on its own, but it was okay For the first third of the book, I had to really concentrate to keep straight whether I was in the present, past or a dream Eventually I got all the threads on the right needles and then the book started to get exciting The action just kept accelerating right up to the end Or, should I say up to the end of this book because it s part of a trilogy and definitely leads you right in to the next in the series The concept of putting yourself in another place through a dream was wild, but believable for me I started clicking through all sorts of possibilities in my head as I was reading I also liked that the author included current happenings, as close as a couple of months ago, to add to the perception of reality Tagging people through their driver s license was disturbing, but it gave me something to think about As I have said before in my reviews, I like time travel This was a different kind of time travel because you aren t stuck in one place unless that happens further on in the series but the reader feels that Ann was really in those other places for a time It was a very interesting book based on a great concept with current events and I can t wait for the next volume to see what happens Ann is a former CIA agent who worked for a secret project using paranormal skills She currents writes technical manuals, and is a member of the secret group GOG GOG is all about perserving personal privacy and other first amendment rights These rights are fast disappearing in this technology obsessed world of 2015 where everyone is tracked through RFID chips in all their id Ann s life begins to turn upside down when her paranormal skills begin to transform and her dreams seem to turn true.When I finished reading this, I immediately emailed the author to confirm when the rest of the trilogy would be available She reassured me the second book would be out this summer, and the third by the end of the year I needed this information because I loved the book, but hated the total cliffhanger at the end I totally need to know what is going to happen next This is a book that is set in the very near future, and seems totally plausible Which makes it very frightening The technology discussed in the book is either currently available, or being developed as we speak Do a quick Goggle search for RFID and there is plenty to read, and to be worried about.There is definitely a political stance to the book, but it is tastefully conveyed in a very gripping manner I can see this book generating discussion and debates about a number of different issues touched on in the book.Something I found surprising and very enjoyable was Ann s trip to Vancouver, BC I love reading about Canadian locations, and this was no exception I could visual the city as it was described The main location is in the US, but I think the Canadian portion was described in much detail.I would definitely recommend checking out this book The only reason I can t give it 5 stars is because of the ending This is not a stand alone book None of the issues are resolved, and there is a huge cliffhanger But it is a great read. [Read Kindle] ⚖ Dreams Unleashed ⚖ It S The Near Future, And Society Is Government Controlled Technology Tracks Everyone, And Personal Privacy Does Not Exist The Hope For Freedom Lies In The Operations Of An Underground Organization, GOG, Which Fights Against Worldwide Oppression Their Most Powerful Weapon Is Ann Torgeson, A Paranormally Gifted Operative When Her Powers Release The Seal Of The Prophecies, She Becomes A Weapon Against The Government, Which Relentlessly Pursues Her Question Everything Is The Theme Of Dreams Unleashed With the passing of the Patriot Act in what seems a lifetime ago, I think many Americans thought everything would be okay However, Linda Hawley presents a different spin on the invasion of government into the private sector What if the government was monitoring us via microchip inserted in our driver s licenses What if the government was listening to every word we said at every time Ms.Hawley has taken that line of thought one step further with the first book in her series, Dreams Unleashed In this tale, Ann is a normal every day woman with special powers that lives in the not too distant future She resents the government spying on her and is secretly a member of the GOG, an anti government rebellion group in her secret life, while maintaining an average daily existence as a technical writer in her public one Our classy heroine also has another secret, and that is that her dreams are potent and powerful and could be used as a government weapon So there is where the drama begins In this first installment we meet Ann woman, widow, mother of a college student, and hard worker with a mysterious past That prior life consists of work in the CIA, where she has been taught remote viewing With that career long over, she tries to fit into a normal existence, fending off her flirty boss, struggling with the decision to begin an office romance,and making sure her home is safe from government spies Suddenly she begins having dreams again, and the next thing she knows the government is after her By the end of Book 1, we are anxiously gripping our seats wondering what is going to happen next Will she meet the GOG parents Will the FBI really catchher Most importantly is she going to be used as a weapon This story flashes back from the past, e.g 2011 to the present 2015, to fill in the gaps of Ann s existence and give credence to her current plight In a world that is truly a possible future, Ms Hawley adds a taste of the paranormal into a frightening social concern A woman with powerful dreams that leaves the reader unsure who really is trustworthy and who is not, you will eagerly turn each page to find the answers This is a suspense filled journey into our potential future that leaves you hanging for and eagerly awaiting book two. I saw Linda Hawley s book mentioned on Twitter and was intrigued by the title, so I downloaded the Kindle version It was the first time I had read a full length book on my iPhone I found the story well written and gripping I would willingly advise people to read it and I will certainly read the next book in the trilogy Having said that, a couple of things troubled me in the book and in my relationship to it, so I will try to explore them in what follows.The story moves backwards and forwards from a future present to several recent pasts At first I was troubled by this shifting in time It wasn t too difficult, however, to ignore the confusion it caused in me because the story was sufficiently engrossing that I quickly forgot about my momentary feelings of being lost Later I noticed that the author had put clear markers in the chapter titles to let the reader know what time the chapter took place in It was then that I realised that I had not been reading the titles as, at a cursory glance, I mistakenly took them for being similar If I had been reading the print version, I might well have glanced back over the contents page to compare chapter titles, but as this was my first experience reading an ebook I was concerned I might lose my place in the book.The I read of the book, the I had a niggling feeling that the story was yet to begin Great care was taken in describing the main character and her relationships to those around her her colleagues at work, her family, her friends where she used to live and her dog From time to time, I wondered why certain episodes of her life were described in such detail, but that they were didn t disturb me so much as they were well crafted and brought the character and her surroundings alive There were moments when the story accelerated brusquely, carrying the reader away in a whirlwind of breath taking action Then things settled back to a sedate rhythm As a dystopian novel, Dreams Unleashed, bears the tell tale marks of deep seated anxiety that has its roots in the ever growing threat of the nameless, faceless authorities to its citizens In many such novels, the Hunger Games, for example, that anxiety chases the reader forward through the story In Dreams Unleashed, we are periodically reminded of this tension but it tends to fade from view when relationships and dinner and the character s dog get the upper hand.When the book abruptly came to an end with a screaming cliffhanger, the underlying feeling of coming up short finally took on a tangible form It was as if the book had ended before it had really got underway To say so is unfair on the author As I have described above, the book is full of all manner of things and the story is gripping The only explanation I can find for this mismatch lies in the balance between story telling that is static, that builds on description and memories from the past, and breathtaking action that drives the story forward helter skelter to the catastrophe everyone is expecting yet earnestly wishes to avoid. This second edition of Dreams Unleashed really moves along well, and is written beautifully The main character, Ann, is really appealing to me She s independent, a free spirit who s not set in her ways, is mature but still growing I think there is nothing beautiful than a woman with her dog, so Ann s dog, Lulu, adds to the story I found the remote viewing very interesting, as it explores the potential of the human mind Of course the Herkimer crystals in the story were facinating There seems to be some potential to them that we have not yet discoverd in 2011 there is just something about them I really enjoyed the lure of the Pacific Northwest as the root of the story.Linda Hawley not only stretches your imagination, but she approaches the perils of a dystopian society with a new sense of hope I really thought it was fantastic, and worthy of a five star review.I already bought the second book in the series. Dreams Unleashed Synopsis It s the future year of 2015, where technology governs life No one on the globe is free from being tracked through government RFID The worldwide underground organization, GOG, is the one group equipped to fight against citizens loss of privacy Ann Torgeson is a technical writer working for a tidal energy company living a seemingly normal life in the Pacific Northwest when her vivid dreams turn real Is her training as a paranormal CIA agent when she was only nineteen years old now altering the doorway between her subconscious and reality When Ann starts to dig into her past, her present begins to unravel, leading the reader through events that twist and turn everything upside down It s the not so distant future, and question everything you know is the theme of Dreams Unleashed, book one of this paranormal trilogy.I must confess this book was a little hard to get into at first The main character Ann is jumping different realities in the book and it s a challenge to follow After the first few chapters, I was drawn into the story This was also my first dystopian novel and I was impressed by the content I m always a sucker for woman heroines Ann is no different She is former CIA special unit personnel and the book does get into technical stuff about it This book was a good read for me because it makes me think and the premise is plausible in the technological based world we live in today.This isn t a quick read by any means You have to really take your time to read to absorb the massive amounts of data you glean from the book The writing is pretty formal and you have to be a clear thinker to understand what is being written.Ann s ability to cross over into her dreams and bring them back has a metaphysical element to it that appeals to my spiritual nature Science and spiritual meld together into a intricate pattern A lot of metaphysical ideas are introduced in the book such as chakras and energy fields and I can relate to them as I follow some of them in my real life.The only critique I have is the formal structure of the words as this is difficult to follow if you aren t well versed in the English language Other than that, the story is intriguing and makes me want to jump into it and travel with her on her spiritual journey to enlightenment.Linda Hawley blends science and metaphysics well together and creates a thinking story that kept me turning the pages Action and suspense combined with philosophical discussion makes this book a winner.I would recommend this book to readers interested in dystopian novels and want to think outside the box Also for those who enjoy reading about metaphysics.I look forward to reading about Ann and her abilities. This is a really cool novel It s well written, complex, interesting, funny, scary this novel has it all Hawley has written a wonderful debut novel depicting the not so distant future with a Big Brother is watching you mentality The government s involvement in individual lives is scary and, though the book is fictitious, the references to real current political issues and people aides in making the novel that much scarier for the reader I was actually very impressed by Hawley s ability to add both real and embellished events to her novel, and I was a little thrown off the first time Obama s name was mentioned Hawley s use of real people and events brings the reader out of the land of fiction and strikes fear in their hearts, making them begin to question where our world is heading I think this was ingenious and really enjoyed this aspect of the novel.In fact, I enjoyed all aspects of this novel The beginning drew me in very quickly as Ann is running from the FBI, and I was wrapped into the story in moments I will admit that, in the beginning, I struggled with separating Ann s reality with her dream world, but as Hawley explains Ann s life to the reader, it becomes obvious when Ann is dreaming and when she is not These lines will again begin to blur later on in the novel as Ann s CIA training comes to the forefront but, by that time, the meshing of the dream world versus reality was extremely easy to followTo read my full review 7 27 I ve never read anything like this before The whole concept of remote viewing is mind boggling I remember seeing a TV show once that talked about it and how the government had studied that sort of thing, but of course they didn t expound on it or anything So it s really interesting to get an inside look at it, even if it s from a fictional novel I loved the parts involving the CIA they kept me completely hooked, and when it ended with a cliff hanger, I knew I d be reading the next one I definitely recommend this book to anyone who finds the paranormal interesting. Someone on said this book was intriguingthat s probably the best word for it Intriguing and thought provoking The meat of the book concerns remote viewing and the link between the main character s subconscious and reality Yeah, that s deep stuff It forces you to think, and I love books like that I m also a big fan of books concerning dystopian societies, and Dreams Unleashed definitely falls within that category But it s interesting because it s not way into the future like most dystopian books are The present day of this book is 2015, and the government is right at the beginning of a downhill slope into a freedomless society The author mentions real events happening today and uses those as the beginnings of a dystopia, so it hits close to home this isn t so far fetched But probably what this author does best is character development You REALLY get to know every facet of the main character And there are A LOT of facets She s about 45 years old and has done a lot of different things in her lifetime so far She s already a widow that is of course a rather sad part in the book , she was in the Air Force, she worked for the CIA, she s lived on both U.S coasts, she is apart of an underground freedom fighting society, she works for an up and coming alternative energy company, and she s a bit of a hippie Like I saidlots of facets You also get to know the people she works with, her friends, her family, and her love interest This story is definitely not lacking in interesting characters This is the first book in a trilogy, so the author gives plenty of back story in order to sufficiently introduce us to the characters I ve encountered that plenty of times before, when reading Terry Brooks Most of his stuff is organized into trilogies, and I ve found that the first book always introduces the characters and shows them preparing for the journey, the second book introduces all of the crazy problems and chaos, and then the third book is non stop action and of course resolves all the problems I have a feeling that this author will work like that also This book does end with a pretty crazy cliff hanger, and I can t wait to see where the second book picks up