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Paranoid vigilante balderdash about the U.S criminal justice system The system has many problems, but the big issue with plea bargaining and all that is the opposite of what is depicted in the book Totally innocent people are stuck behind bars because they can t afford bail, lawyers, etc Public defenders are overworked and are not making a fortune The jails are full of people convicted of minor non violent offenses Juveniles are often tried as adults, etc The system is clearly not designed to keep people out of prison we have people incarcerated than any other country Since the author is explicitly stating on Goodreads that he wants this book to be than entertainment and to be about justice issues, then he really should have been accurate about the overall reality and not just depict the system as being run by jackasses spouting ridiculous straw man arguments about how there s no such thing as bad people. The plot moves at a superb and consistent pace The storyline ignites with action and it is what makes a thriller enjoyable As the next chapters slowly layer the plot strategically, it builds in intrigue and anticipation Bidinotto has honed his craft as a crime writer, but clearly can incorporate everything that a good novel needs and what readers hunger for in a satisfying read Hunter is categorized as a thriller , but undoubtedly has a suspense, romance, drama, spy thriller, and a police procedural feel to it There are many characters in the book and each has helped to add even depth to the story It ratchets up the suspense and propels the reader into caring about certain characters and even wishing the bad ones to get what they deserve The ease of Bidinotto s writing style makes it a delight to read smooth descriptions and concise dialogue The only aspect that stopped me a couple of times to retrace my reading was that the chapters literally throw you into the next scene with little or no setup It s a personal preference to me, but it didn t slow the pacing or enjoyment of the narrative in the least This book is ultimately an all around thriller with some rough language, violence and adult themes Hunter is perfect for mystery, suspense, and thriller readers I highly recommend this novel and hope there will be books from this author. Hunter s new life started about two years ago, before that his complex and complicated history is unwound beautifully throughout this book This was a very good crime thriller that had depth, a good story and an interesting, non sappy or sexually over explicit , romance I became attached to the characters and felt empathy, through mixed feelings for the main protagonist When does a bad deed make for a good outcome in the balance of good and evil Conor Hall did a good job with quite a few different voices including the women I am looking forward to reading the next in the series If it s anything like this one I will be looking forward to from Robert Bidinotto. Investigative Reporter Dylan Hunter and Annie Woods are in love but have serious trust issues with each other Annie holds back the fact that she s a senior CIA agent investigating the assassination of a Russian spy at a CIA safe house and that her father runs a foundation supporting criminal rehabilitation Hunter s articles shine a flashlight on criminal recidivism and it s horrific impact on crime victims and their families He also hides the fact that he s not who he says he is as Annie soon discovers after a series Hunter inspired vigilante attacks in the Washington suburbs of Virginia The plot threads eventually merge forming an enjoyably compelling thriller with a satisfactory end game but it takes awhile My idea of good thrillers is they really need to move along smartly I get it that Annie and Dylan are in love but it seemed Annie spent entirely too many pages thinking about the status of their relationship and whether to betray her father or her lover to Detective Cronin, Alexandria Va PD My first thought is the book might have been 100 pages too long because sometimes in crime fiction, less is. [ DOWNLOAD ] ♃ Hunter A Thriller ♴ AUTHOR S NOTE This Kindle Edition Bears The Original Cover See The Updated Kindle Edition For The New Series Cover A Masterwork Of Thrills And Suspense Gayle Lynds, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Assassins KINDLE BESTSELLER In MYSTERIES THRILLERS WHO IS HUNTER WHO IS PREY WHO WILL SURVIVE Two People, Passionately In LoveBut Each Hides A Deadly SecretHe Is A Crusading Vigilante, On A Violent Quest For JusticeShe Is Tracking This Unknown Assassin, Sworn To Stop HimNeither Realizes The Truth About The OtherAnd Neither Knows That A Terrifying Predator Is Hunting Them Both A WALL STREET JOURNAL TOP FICTION EBOOK From Its First Gripping Pages, HUNTER Takes You On A Nonstop Thrill Ride From The Top Floor Of The CIA, To The Marbled Corridors Of Capitol Hill From The Posh Hotels Of Downtown Washington, To The City S Mean, Violent Streets It Introduces A Colorful New Hero For Our Time And A Dazzling Heroine Every Bit His Equal KINDLE BESTSELLER In ROMANTIC SUSPENSE A Spy Mystery A Crime Thriller A Passionate Romance HUNTER Is A Genre Bending Novel Unlike Any You Ve Read Deviously Plotted, Filled With Vivid Characters, And Propelled At A Breakneck Pace, It S A Tale As Memorable For Its Provocative Ideas As For A Rousing Climax That Has Readers CheeringIf You Enjoy The Thrillers Of Lee Child, Stephen Hunter, Brad Thor, And Vince Flynn, You Ll Love HUNTER In Hunter, former Reader s Digest staff writer Robert James Bidinotto makes the transition from non fiction to fiction look seamless, delivering one of the best vigilante thrillers since Clancy s Without Remorse.I ll admit, I was slightly wary when I first picked up Hunter a few weeks ago Forget the fact that this was a debut novel I knew from Bidinotto s former work that he had a message to deliver with Hunter the US criminal justice system is broken Fine, but a thriller has to be than just a message delivery system, and I was concerned that the story would trip over the message.In the end, I needn t have worried Hunter delivers in a way few thrillers do From the opening kill shot to the climactic showdown, Hunter strikes home with the power and pinpoint accuracy of a Barrett M99 Dylan Hunter is thoroughly authentic as the highly trained operative who takes to the streets of urban Virginia and D.C to deliver justice And now the very government that gave him his training is hunting him.The characters, from Dylan Hunter, to Annie Woods, the woman assigned to track down the shadowy assassin, and Ed Cronin, an Alexandria homicide investigator, are well drawn and believable And when it comes to delivering his message, Bidinotto lets his characters do that, in a way that is as organic and subtle as the rest of the novel.In short, may I congratulate Mr Bidinotto on a fantastic debut thriller If you re in the market for a quick moving read if you enjoy action, romance, and memorable characters, you could do little better than to pick up a copy of Hunter A solid five stars. I laid out the 4 for this book out of curiosity I d read an article about the author and book and said to myself, it s only four bucks Then it ruined my weekend I popped it open on Friday night and was intrigued by the first line After a chapter or two I was hooked Saturday and Sunday I sneaked away from the family when I could to read it then finally finished it at 6 30am on Monday I don t read thrillers that often So why this one It s well written While not complicated there s a certain heightening of the language I m still not sure I ve put my finger on There were also nice turns of phrases and an avoidance of the trite.The action is non stop but also not wasteful If something is happening it s because it s pulling the story forward driving it forward.One reason I don t normally write thrillers is because they re just about action There s rarely a point of view This one has a very definite point of view that the author has given considerable thought to You can tell it has become his passion.There was a believability to the entire cast of characters The villains weren t supervillains The heroes were impervious to pain There were no deus ex machinas One believability trap I thought the author might fall into was completely avoided Finally, I felt that an honesty ran throughout the entire narrative People acted like people do Their reasons and rationales weren t hedged or compromised A fine piece of work. I was introduced to Robert Bidinotto through another great thriller author, Stephen England Robert and I had the opportunity to touch base by phone Robert told me a little about his days as a journalist and how Hunter came about He also, very kindly, offered me advice and guidance for my writing career, which I greatly appreciated and heeded By the end of the conversation, I felt I had made a friend We exchanged novels, not to exchange reviews but just as an act of friendship Another kind act by Robert.I rarely review works by friends Robert has no idea I have written this review In fact, I rarely review novels I read, period go ahead, search my name and you ll see The only time I make exceptions is when a work really affects me, whether it excites me, or makes me laugh, or makes me cry In the case of Hunter, Bidinotto captured me from the start and lead me into an intricate world of suspense and mystery Yet, it was his expertise in the area of the criminal justice system, his years of beat reporting around D.C., and his impeccable delivery that drew me all the way in.This is one of the best crime thrillers written in years Hunter, the first novel by Robert Bidinotto, is an exciting, action packed thriller Think Batman meets Jason Bourne sort of The plot of the book centers around the actions of a vigilante who is avenging the victims of a porous legal system by taking out the brutal criminals who have thus far escaped justice It also raises interesting philosophical questions about justice, the legal system, and punishment Oh, and it s a love story, too I m looking forward to Dylan Hunter novels. This was a strong 3.5 star read I loved the pacing in this book I was able to put it down so it wasn t earth shattering but it kept my interest and I definitely wanted to get back to it when time allowed Bidinotto is very polished in his writing style and his story, especially the criminal justice aspects, were most interesting to learn about in the context of a fictional story I loved Hunter, the man he was and what motivated him were spot on for my taste I loved the ending Especially the climatic fight scene, well done Bidinotto knows that we re not all martial arts experts and he was absolutely brilliant at describing the fight scene in a way that painted it accurately for us novices while losing not one bit of the momentum Superb What I liked Hunter He was just flat out alpha male with a dash of sensitive His idealism made him wonderful to read about and watch I loved how the vigilante justice was dispatched Cleverly done and oh so satisfying The villains were awful and we wished for their demise as readers I liked the third person narrative I usually do as it offered a deeper understanding of what all the characters thought processes were.What I didn t like as well the mystery Okay, maybe Bidinotto intended for us to know who the vigilante was from the inception of the work like we were voyeurs while he executed his tasks , but it left me feeling like there was nothing to find out later So, this is intrigue than mystery If he intended for it to be a mystery, it was entirely to obvious from the beginning The vernaculars and tastes of Hunter For a guy in his late 30s, he uses idioms expressions that are completely too old for his age Some references are those my folks used He needed to use phrasing that was relevant to his generation Also, Cole Porter I had to do a wikipedia check on him I felt Annie was weak as a woman and should have been honest in her interaction with Hunter However, that was the tension point of the novel so, I let it go.Those things aside, it is definitely worth reading if you like the following intrigue, romance, strong male leads, government espionage, thriller undertones Bidinotto has a solid series here if he chooses to expand on it He has the writing chops to do so