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Had from library looks great but I m out of time and someone has a hold. t kre nem fejeztem be, egy bk nt hasznos volt, meg sz rakoztat , csak kicsit t m ny ahhoz, hogy g pen olvassam mindegy, majd egyszer megveszem, mert t nyleg j k nyv de t sre vizsg ztam bel le, sz val gy veszem, hogy tudom az eg szet. The work poses a breakdown of the graphic design fundamentals, neatly organized into 26 chapters a rather thoughtful hint to English and its equal amount of characters I found most of the illustrations to be congruent with the conveyed message and quite visually compelling, even though art of the Modernist School is not exactly my cup of tea Chapters like Typography and Grid present the reader with bare bones technical information Anatomy of Letterforms , Anatomy of a Page Grid essential and immediate to the novice visual communicator, while chapters like Abstraction and Expression tend to be by their very nature well abstract and less informative although nonetheless a necessary overview All of this bolsters the handbook character of the publication, which apparently does not suffice to deter dorks like me from reading it cover to cover It felt a bit like endlessly chewing on a piece of fleshy steak, but the nutrients are worth it although far from completely absorbed.Anyways, too much rambling so for those of you industrious enough to read reviews, but lazy enough as not to read them whole, it s a good book, go grab it, should you consider having a reliable reference text at your fingertips. It s a good refresher for designers who have lost touch with the basics and a good foundation for beginners My biggest complaint was how the content was laid out I didn t like scrolling past read off of PDF multiple pages of examples and artist bios just to get to the connecting paragraphs in the chapter Overall hard to follow. ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ☩ The Language of Graphic Design ♭ For Anyone Trying To Communicate In A New Language, One Has To First Gain A Complete Understanding Of Its Fundamentals The ABC S Of That Language Definitions, Functions, And Usage The Language Of Graphic Design Provides Graphic Design Students And Practitioners With An In Depth Understanding Of The Fundamental Elements And Principles Of Their Language Graphic Design What They Are, Why They Are Important, And How To Use Them Effectively Organized By The Building Blocks Of The Graphic Design Language, This Reference Includes Work By Some Of The Most Successful And Renowned Practitioners From Around The World And How They Have Applied These Fundamental Principles To Their Work By Examining Both Student And Professional Work, This Comprehensive Handbook Is A Meaningful, Memorable, And Inspiring Reference Tool For Novice Design Students, As Well As Young Designers Starting Their Careers To Understand Visual Communications One Has To First Understand By Seeing To Develop This Discipline Or Visual Sense Is Similar To Learning A New Language With Its Own Unique Alphabet, Lexicon Vocabulary , And Syntax Sentence Structure This Book Provides Clear, Concise Information That Will Enhance Visual Literacy, While Using Dynamic, Memorable Visual References To Inspire And Reinforce The Skill Of Seeing Very helpful with a ton of good ideas Love Good definitions, clear examples.